Battle for Victory with Free Online War Games

We read all about wars and battles in our history books and sometimes it is tempting to think about what we would have done if we were the generals or commanders in those instances. Whether or not you are seriously thinking about a career in the army, figuring out war strategies can be an interesting thing to do and even entertaining if there aren’t any real lives in the balance. If strategy and war is something that is fascinating to you and you are looking for a fun way to pass the time, then you should definitely look into some free online war games. There are many to choose from but you will find one, or maybe even a few, that you will find yourself coming back to over and over again.

On the Water or On the Land

Black Navy War is a war game that will get you thinking like a naval commander. You have your ships, you have your weapons and you have your opponents. The task will be to plan an attack that will take out the enemy ships with minimal damage to your own. Not only do you have your ships to worry about, but you also have to make sure that while you are busy attacking you don’t leave your naval base unprotected and vulnerable to enemy attack. You will be using your arrow keys, your space bar and your shift key for this game.

Have you heard of the wildly popular game Starcraft? If you have then you have probably also heard of how expensive it is. If you want you can head over to the video game store and buy a copy for a lot of money, or you can play a version of Colony online which is a lot like Starcraft except that it is absolutely free. This is a fun game that you can even get your friends involved in, or you can even play other people who are available online that you’ve never met.

In Hex Empire your goal will be to protect the thriving capital of your empire from enemy armies. With your capital safe and sound you can go out and try to pay back the favor by working to conquer their capital cities. Move your armies across the map and move towards your victory.

Fog of War will really take you on a journey of war. In this game you have a landscape to fill up with the buildings and streets of your empire. After you have built your world then you can take your armies out to conquer more lands around you. It is all set in the time of Napoleon so that you get to feel what it may have felt like to be this great leader who ventured out and captured so many territories. See how far you can get in this story of war and if you can conquer the world as well.

Plan the Assault

Whether it is planning an assault on enemy territory with your legions and armies, or you are playing a war game that is sending you on one-man missions behind enemy lines, engaging in free online war games will keep you occupied for hours if you let it. It is a matter of looking at the troops and weapons you have at your disposal, creating a plan of attack, defending your own base and trying to anticipate what the enemy is planning to do. Strategy, accuracy and stealth are all involved in these games, and they are often the most all around challenging games you will try out. So get ready to get tested in your war strategy skills.

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