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Free action games are becoming more and more popular in the wonderful world of the internet. The influx of people that are drawn to social networks has only catapulted free action games to a whole new level. Everyone is connecting online these days, whether it through email, or more than likely, through social networks. And lately connecting means more than just leaving comments on your friend or coworkers site or public profile. Especially if you have a tedious job and are sitting in an office all day long, or perhaps sitting in a booth and pushing a button to let cars go into the parking garage, you will most likely be looking for ways to fill the spare slots of time so that it doesn’t seem to pass by so slowly. You need something to pass the time, or another way to connect with friends and family beyond little updates.

Action Games to Give a Go: Free action games are a great way to connect online and even spur on conversation over the game, who’s winning and of course all that is entailed in some friendly conversation. There are many games to choose from these days. You will find yourself drawn to different games depending on what types of challenge you prefer. For instance some people prefer strategy games that require them to think through the steps and challenges of the game, and to beat the strategy of another person you are playing or of the game itself.

Then there are games that are simply a challenge of a quick thinking and quick reflexes. Free action games will most likely consist more of the latter and give you a challenge of keeping up with the game or of the other players fast actions. Here are some great games to start with if you are looking into these types of fast paced action games.

If you are a pirate lover, and let’s be honest, most of us are these days, you may want to delve into the realm of Blackbeard’s Island. Blackbeard, one of the most infamous pirates in history, and he is welcoming you into the challenge of his cannons. It opens with the sound of waves and gloomy clouds flying across a treasure map that will indicate your progress through the various levels. Each level will give you control of Blackbeard’s cannon and from there it is your skill that will determine if you can shoot it accurately and take you on to the next level.

If you’re more of the driver type ready to take of the wide open road and maneuver your screeching tires, you may want to check out Crazy Cabbie. And what is the goal of this game? Simply to drive as fast as possible. You can use your arrows to move faster or slower and to move from one side to the other and unlike the restrictions of most cars that we are used to in our world, or most cabs, you can even jump your car. Now wouldn’t that be a dream in real life? To simply jump over other vehicles that are impeding your progress is a dream of anyone who has suffered long days in traffic.

Variety to Keep You Entertained is always a great idea. Whether you love cars, shooting things, going on pixilated adventures there are plenty of free action games to get you going. Challenge your friends to beat your top scores, or even look for games that you can play multi-player with your friends and family. There’s nothing like sharpening your mind and reflexes with some action games to lighten the mood or make a slow day pass a little more quickly with some free action games.

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