Waging Free Online War Games

Do you feel out of control in your life? As we watch the news there is so much happening and you may feel depressed because you cannot do anything about it. What if you could do something about a conflict? What if you had the power to make decisions when it came to world politics, decisions regarding who rules and more? With war games you can have this power. Sure it is a game, but free online war games give you a sense that you can do something with what you have. It may also inspire you to do something in real life as well.

War games involve strategy and decision making. You will be able to decide certain strategically deciphered moves with your game. It may look different in different styles of games, but the decision making is the same. As you do this for ‘fun’ you are learning a valuable skill of decision making for real life. Your free will in life becomes having the ability to make wise and difficult decisions in real life. It may be subliminal to you but it in fact happening without you even realizing it.

At stated there are different types of free online war games you can find on the net. You may want to find in hand to hand combat or carry a rifle. Maybe you want to be a pilot or perhaps you want to fight in space. Or maybe you want to fight the undead or a band of attacking sheep. Choose your battle and get fighting.

War games with true to life battle can be found in such games as Tower Defense. This is an actual soldier game that gives you high graphics of high impact action. You will need to be on your guard to stay in the game. You can also try Tank Destroyer 2 where you are in control of the tanks that will be your heavy power for victory. This will take a lot of strategic thinking on your part to ensure success. The same is true with the many helicopter games available to you to play. These games, such as Overkill Apache, put you in the middle of the action. You will have strategies you need to follow in order to be successful at this one and much more. The directions are easy to follow and can get you playing in just a few minutes with their simple step by step instructions.

And if you want to battle against zombies there are many zombie games to play now for action packed fun. Save your city from invasion or rescue its survivors from being crushed and eaten depending on what type of war you wage. You can drive a cab and crush them or throw a grenade to blow them up. But beware of the zombies behind you and make sure you remember to think strategically to win the fight.

For the younger set who wants to stick to a tamer war they can battle against invading sheep on a farm. This can be a tamer way of doing battle in an age appropriate manner. Sure they many want the bigger and bloodier games but mama still knows best; in this case this type of game makes a great compromise.

Whatever you are looking for, free online war games are out there. Learn skills, feel in control and have fun. Jump onto a helicopter, strap on a bullet belt or load up ammo to fight sheep. The choice is yours. And do not dwell on the fact that these skills help you in real life because it will just happen subliminally. Just have fun and enjoy the game.

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