Free Adventure Games to Take You Away

Everyone loves the thought of going on a grand adventure. We watch adventure movies about daring escapades and narrow escapes and we read books and comics about similar stories. It is fun to get lost in these stories and picture ourselves a part of them for awhile. The sad truth is that we are often too locked down with work and other responsibilities to escape into our own adventures, and most of the adventures we watch on tv are impossible and fictional anyways. However we can join in adventure games that will sweep us away into a land of adventure. You can control your character and see how far into the adventure you can roam and if you have the skills and courage to make it to the end of the story. It could involve dragons and wizards. It could involve rescuing fair princesses. It could even involve building your own kingdom. With free adventure games online the possibilities are endless.

Fight the Dragon or Be the Dragon

Sometimes adventure can find us when we least expect it. In the adventure game Bermuda Escape you are on a night little cruise when your ship wrecks and you are left to see if you can survive! First of all dive gear is a must and you must locate that before the ship sinks. Once you have your diving gear you will find yourself in an underwater world and unravel the mysteries that you end up wrapped up in. Underwater, space ships, ship wrecks, cryptic codes. Sounds like the perfect recipe for an adventure!

Maybe an adventure doesn’t really seem like and adventure to you unless there are really some adventures involved. In that case you had better check out the online adventure game Rage of the Dragon 2. You will have three terrorizing dragons to defeat this game. The fire dragon with his fiery breath, the ice dragon to freeze unsuspecting villagers for good, and we can only imagine what you can do with the thunder dragon, but you will have to demolish all of Europe before you get that dragon. Yeah in this adventure you are the dragon, so villagers must beware your wrath.

If you like to build an army and take over territory try out Invasion 3. The kingdom is yours to rule if you can simply take control of it. It is up to you to build an army that will be able to achieve this goal and avoid their own destruction. Invade the land and make it your own.

Have you ever dreamed of being a warrior in ancient times? Perhaps one that is legendary for his skill on the battlefield or in the arena? The game for you is obviously Achilles. Play the warrior and see how long you can survive and keep your feared name among the other fighters. You can play in either normal mode or switch over to survival mode to mix things up a bit. Wield your sword and your spear and fight the enemy with all your strength and might.

Explore and Conquer

Free adventure games take us to a whole new realm of gaming and story. Many times the games are fictional and we can pretend that we aren’t even a part of this world for awhile. Our imagination can go anywhere it wants to as we pretend we are fighting dragons, or even that we are the dragon and the humans are the enemies! Have some fun exploring, fighting and conquering other worlds in all of the great free online adventure games that you can find these days. For even more of a challenge get your friends and family involved with the fun!

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