The Best Car Race Games

Car race games are a great way to get your fill of your need for speed and have a good time with your friends. It can get boring if your friends come over a lot and you find yourselves doing the same old thing and playing the same old games. There are so many fun and free games that you can find online to add some new fun to you agenda with your friends after school. Whether you love sports cars, monster trucks or just driving a taxi cab like a crazy person, you will be able to find a car racing game that will fit you perfect. The only problem you may run into is that you all want to play different racing games, so be prepared to take turns playing the car game your friends want to play too. The best part is that even if they choose a game that wasn’t what you wanted, you still have the chance to leave them in the dust. Here are some great games to start with. Try them out and see which ones you and your friends like the most.

The Speed, The Road, The Challenge

Most car games involve the same basic things. Most of them have a lot to do with speed, but others have a few other challenges thrown in. Your goal may be to clear the road of other drivers and steal the highway all for yourself, or perhaps just getting past, around, or ever over (some cars in computer games can jump or fly) the other people on the road. You may be facing different racing tracks, or roadways through the countryside, or even different road conditions that may make your way a little more tricky.

If you are all about the speed you will want to check out Ultimate Street Car Racer. You have a few options of cars to choose from before your step into the ultimate drag race to test out your speed. The space bar will be the tool for your acceleration, but you will also have to handle the shifting gears with your arrow keys to get the best speed results in your race. The name of the game is speed, and you won’t have any trouble getting your friends in on the challenge by challenging them to be faster than you.

One of the most supreme speed and racing games that you will find in stores is the famous Need For Speed. This is one of the best racing games so it may be hard to find completely for free, but there will definitely be a free trial online that you can download and try. In this game you will find the best graphics, the best tracks and the hottest cars to drive.

The editions of this Need for Speed keep getting better and better and it leaves its fans eager to see what new feature will be added. The game almost looks like real life now with all the new upgrades and advancements with graphic design. Visit the game’s website or your local video game store to see the latest version.

Pass the Challenge Along

If you’re looking for a car race game that will get your blood and your eyes racing, look into all the car games that are available. Multiplayer car games are even more fun because instead of just racing against a computer game you can be racing against someone else. You can even challenge your friends and family from your favorite social networks to get in on it with you and see if you can’t just blow right past them in your cyber vehicle.

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