Fun and Educational Free Kids Games

Maybe you are a parent who has just gotten online and you are thinking, “I can’t believe I’ve given in and I’m looking for online games to keep my kid occupied.” If you are feeling guilty there absolutely is no reason to. What you probably do not know is that there are so many online games these days that are actually very beneficial for children to play for awhile. We all know that online games should never take the place of playing outdoors and getting in a lot of good exercise, or even playing on sports teams with friends. But there are so many games out there now that are not only fun an entertaining for the child, but unbeknownst to them it is very educational and skill building. Games that require children to think ahead, strategize or build their vocabulary can be tons of fun and they won’t even identify it with school work or education. And the best part for you as a parent aside from this fact, is that there are free kids games online. You don’t have to pay more on top of everything you already have to spend on your children. So here are some great kids games to get you going!

From Puzzles to Princesses

Many people are getting hooked on the fun numbers game Sudoku! Now there are kids versions of this game to engage the kid with strategy as he has fun with the game. Instead of numbers, which may be a bit too advanced for your child depending on their age, there are kids Sudoku games that involve symbols instead of numerals. See if they want to give this challenge a shot!

Does your child love puzzles? There are even jigsaw puzzles online that your child can get completely wrapped up in. Real puzzles can be a bit pesky for several reasons. First of all it always seems that you finally take all that time to build the puzzle, only to discover that there are a few very important puzzle pieces that have been lost for who knows how long. Secondly building a puzzle tends to take up space in your home that you need for other things. Engaging your child in an online puzzle is fun, tidy and free.

Does you kid love sports and outdoor activities? Maybe they would be outside right now if it wasn’t raining or too dark out. There are a ton of fun sports games online. Anything from baseball, to football to snowboarding. Check out the fun game Snowboard Challenge for a snow game that your child will simply love.

There are so many educational games out there that involve letters, numbers, strategy and the like. But there are also some games that are simply fun. Find a fun Mario Brothers game online and see your kid light up with the familiar adventure. From Mario and Toad to the Princess and Yoshi, your kid will love see these characters again and leading them through a challenge or mission.

A Great Thing

It is easy to find free kids games online that your child will adore. You may even find yourself getting sucked into the game as well, and this could be a great thing! What better way to spend time with your child than to have some fun with a online game to play together. There are games like Scrabble that you can take turns with, or games you can play at the same time. Whatever the game is, taking time to play with your child will make their day and be a fun time for you as well.

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