Free Online Puzzle Games to De-Stress

Puzzle games can be so much more relaxing and stress-releasing than other games. There is often no time limit and no one playing against you to press you to win. You simply can complete the puzzle in you own time and at your own pace. Even the puzzle games that do have timers usually have the option of turning the timer off if you just want to take your time. It’s a way to get your mind off of things without jumping into one more things that needs to be done within a time frame. You can complete puzzles on your own during a quiet night home, or you can complete them with a friend or family member. Many people love the thrill of competing against another person, and many games require that competition. But puzzles can be a game that people engage in together as a team instead of as opponents, which is another peaceful element about them. There are puzzle games you can find in a store nearby, or you can find free online puzzle games to relax and have some fun with.

A Maze of Puzzles

Rome Puzzle is a fun game that is similar to the game Bejeweled. You will need a sharp eye and some good swapping skills. The goal of the game is to match enough gold so that you can eventually build your Roman empire. It will take some thinking and puzzling in order to accomplish this, but it will be fun along the way.

Sudoku has become one of the most popular puzzle games around. Even people who aren’t very found of numbers have been found with Sudoku booklets in their grasp. The reason is it’s more about the puzzle than it is about the number. Many people take one look at it and run the other way because it looks like it has to do a lot with math. But it’s really just a fun and simple puzzle game that you can find either in the magazine racks at the grocery store or for free online.

Another type of puzzle that seems to lure people in is a maze. There is something deliciously tricky about find the route through a maze that looks mind-bending and endless. Find some fun mazes online that will get you thinking and at times puzzling over which way to turn. 3D Maze is a fun one to start with and you simply need your arrow keys to navigate through it.

For another fun puzzle game online, try out 24 Stones. You have twenty four stones with different designs on them, and it is your job to move them around until all those little designs match up into one big picture or design. It’s difficult and takes patience, but you will feel an great deal of accomplishment once you have conquered the game and see all the stones in their proper place. Another similar game you may want to take a shot at is Image Disorder J Barrett. It is the same idea but instead of stones you are moving around the pieces of a picture.

Pass Them Along

There are so many different puzzles to tackle, from online jigsaw puzzles to mazes to optical illusions. Usually the key will be to relax and engage your brain. Once you catch on you will probably have a hard time wanting to stop. Try out some free online puzzle games and then pass them on to your friends and coworkers. If you like a little friendly competition, challenge them to see who can complete the puzzle game first or with the most points. Puzzle games are a fun and fascinating way to spend the time and interact with others.

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