Online Board Games that Don’t Take up Space

Yahtzee, Risk, Chess. You can find all of these well known online board games and most likely you’ll find them for free. There are some games that just never seem to get old. Games like these often even become traditions in some families. But buying board games can get expensive, especially if they are the popular ones that everyone is raving about. And they also take up a lot of space in your home. Maybe your closet space is limited as it is and you can squeeze any more board games onto those shelves. In that case it is time to find some online alternatives to your favorite board games.

All the Best

If you are looking for a game that everyone knows how to play, how about a great game of Checkers? There are a lot of new games out there that will take awhile to learn, but if your time is limited and you are playing with someone who doesn’t get out and try all the new board games there are then Checkers will be a great choice. It’s simple, fun and even if you need to refresh your opponent on the rules it won’t take very long to explain it.

Many people can’t help but seek out the word games. Scrabble is still probably the most popular word game you will find. When someone suggests a word or letters game it is probably the first one to come to mind. But what do you do if you don’t have a scrabble board on the shelf, or if you have simply lost too many of the little letters? Search for it online. You will find in on several different sites.

If you love the war board games look for Battleship online, or even Risk. Even if it has been a long time since they lived in your neighborhood, you can play this fun war games just like old times. Or challenge them to an even older strategy game that we all know and love, Chess. This game will always be a classic and will force you to prove your skills of strategy and your ability to think a few plays ahead.

The most famous board game of all time is probably Monopoly. Not only has just about everyone heard of this game, but there are now so many different versions of this game that they are hard to keep track of. Even McDonald’s has made a version of Monopoly to add to the meals they sell and give out prizes. Control money and property while trying to squeeze the money out of the other players with an online version of Monopoly to invite your friends and family to.

Picking and Choosing

What board games do you and your friends pull out of the closet the most often? Do you like to war over money? Or do you like to use the meanings of words in your games? Maybe you just like to hunt for hidden words amidst scrambled letters. If you are having a hard time deciding on which online board games to play just ask these questions and figure out which are your favorite games to play in your own living room. You can play against the computer or you can find a game that you can play against a friend or two. Challenge your friends a family to see who has what it takes to use their skills to get the upper hand. Unlike shooting or racing games, board games can actually be played with other people over a span of time instead of at that very moment, which makes them even more convenient.

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