Free Shooting Games to Aim At

Go ahead take a shot! Shooting games are a ton of fun because they challenge our aim our accuracy and other difficult skills like shooting at moving targets. And of course the best part of a shooting game is what you are shooting at. You can pretend you are on a mission to rescue the earth from the increasing plague of man eating zombies. Or perhaps it is once again those pesky aliens that have invaded to try to take over the world or eat up all our natural resources. Diabolical forces and creatures such as these must be stopped and it is up to us with all are shooting skills to stop them. Don’t stop to think this one over. The Zombies will be at your doorstep in no time if you wait. Look for these great free shooting games and start take the shot!

Game On

In the game Sniper Soldiers you are the soldier and there are innocent lives at stake. You have enlisted in the army to protect your country and everyone that lives in that country you love, so you have agreed to become an army sniper in order to perform that duty. Your goal is to lay as low as possible so that the enemy doesn’t suspect your presence in the slightest, and then to take them out with you quick and stealthy shots. You only have a certain amount of time in order to take out the bad guys and rescue the victims in time, so make every shot count.

Want to take a shot with something a little bigger than a sniper rifle or hand gun? Maybe something even a bit bigger than a bazooka? You don’t have to think small with your shooting games. Take one of the biggest guns on wheels available and start your mission with a bang. Here’s the catch, you aren’t the only one with a tank. The enemy has just received a fresh shipment of tanks from their war factories and they are sending them all your way.

Your goal is to take on this tanks without flinching and protect your base from their attack. As you fire at the oncoming tanks make sure that you don’t accidently hit a medical truck and nuclear truck. You can only imagine the bad news that would be to the rest of the army or the people you are trying to defend. If you need some money to upgrade your weapons though, don’t hesitate to stop the money trucks. They’re on the enemy’s side anyways.

If shooting from the sky is more your style try out the killer aerial game 3D Spacehawk. The horrible news has finally hit the planet: aliens have landed and they are attacking. It is up to you to take on their space crafts and take them down before it is too late. Use your plane and your firepower to get the job done.

Your Best Shot

Whether it is zombies, aliens, war or just shooting that prize buck to show off to your friends and eat for dinner, there is are free shooting games for all of these. Pick your favorite type and go at it. Once you have practiced a bit and gotten really good call up a friend or your coworker from the neighboring cubicle and see if they can do as well as you can. If they can’t then well, that will make you feel pretty awesome. And if they are better than you then you have a little fun competition to throw into your day to add some excitement. Try out free shooting games online to day and shoot your way past the competition.

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