Not the average sports games

It used to be that the Mario Brothers and any game with a gun and target ruled the gaming world. Now there has been a great rise in the love of sports games. These did not used to be so much fun, but as technology has changed the games have gotten better, more realistic and more fun. There are so many different sports you can play online such as soccer, football, basketball, pool, tennis, bowling and much more. And with the amazing amount of different games for each of these sports it is hard to become bored laying any of them! What’s out there? In the world of sports gaming there are quite a few options.

One game that is a lot of fun to play is Air Hockey. Most people have played air hockey or have seen an air hockey table in their days, but for those who have not, here is a brief overview. Air hockey is much like real hockey in that you are shooting a puck into the goal. But in air hockey there are only 2 players and the game is on an air table. The small layer of air on the table keeps the puck moving and keeps it from flying away! On the online game it is all the same idea, except you are looking down at the table and playing against the computer. Another great sports game you can play is the Downhill Snowboard.

This game has 9 different levels, two of which are unlocked at the beginning. As you pass each level a new level will open up for you to play. To control your snowboarder you use your arrow keys. Another fun thing you get to do in this game is dress up your character. Like the levels there are some outfits and accessories that are locked and with certain point levels they will be come available to you. Check out the game Max Dirt Bike while you are searching. In this game you are the guy on the dirt bike and you have to get through various obstacles and to the blackness to get to the next level. If you like the dirt biking game, then you will also like the game Mini Dirt Bike.

The same basic ideas go into this game, but the bike is smaller, the music is more upbeat and the ride is a lot faster. This can make it more difficult than the other, but it is also fun. Have you ever wanted to shoot a bow and arrow, but never had the chance to. Here is your opportunity. The game Bowman gives you a semi real experience of shooting a bow and arrow. In the game you are shooting at targets and controlling the arms of your character with the arrow keys. There is wind in the game like there would be in real life, making it a challenge to hit the target dead on. You also have a tiredness bar on the side, because holding your arms up for too long can be tiring.

Need to chill? Don’t you hate it when the ref makes a call that is completely out of line at sports games? Wouldn’t you like to be able to go down and give him a piece of your mind or at least throw something at him. Well here is your chance to take out a ref, without having to pay the price! The game KickTheRef! Gives you the opportunity to kick soccer balls at the ref as he passes in front of the goal. You will be fine and less steamy in no time as you hit him in the face over and over again. But hurry up! He moves faster every time!

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