Online Baseball Games

Sports are a wonderful way to get outside, stretch out legs and gets our blood flowing. Exercise is so necessary in our lives and engaging in a sport with our school or friends can give us that exercise in one of the most fun and challenging ways possible. Some of us love sports more than others. We want to take it beyond just a little exercise and competition. This could lead to following our favorite teams on the TV, putting up posters in our rooms or even playing games that have sports themes in them. And we all know that there are things that prevent us from playing sports sometimes, and that can be a real disappointment. If we are all dressed and ready to run outside and play a game of ball and suddenly the rain is coming down in buckets, there isn’t much we can do about it. Luckily though, there are sports games online including online baseball games that we can play when the unexpected keeps us from our outdoor games, or if we just need an extra dose of baseball.

3 Strikes, 4 Games

Arcade Baseball is an online baseball game that will truly challenge your precision as you try to make contact with the bat and the ball. Perfecting the timing of the pitch and of your swing will be a challenge. In this online baseball game you will use the mouse to both aim and hit. When the ball reaches the batters box that is when you will want to click the mouse to try to make contact.

Is your favorite part of baseball the hitting? Some of us love to pitch or play catch, but others of us simply love the feeling of that long wooden bat in our grip and the feeling we get when we rip that ball out of the park. If batting is your favorite part you will want to check out Super Slugger, an online baseball game that focuses on the hitting.

If you have spent any time at the ball park then you know what big league chew is. It’s everyone favorite ball game gum and now it is everyone’s favorite online baseball game. The lay of the land is a little different than most other online baseball games. Instead of playing at a professional ball park you will find yourself in an urban make shift back yard field. Timing with the mouse and the space bar will be the key to success with this fun baseball game.

Longball is a surprisingly realistic looking baseball game that you can find online. This game is all about the great home run. You will have ten tries to knock as many balls out of the park as you can, and just hope you get enough past the fence to move you to the next round.

Have a Ball with Your Friends

Playing online baseball games can be a fun way to continue our love of baseball even when the game with our school team is over. Invite your friends over to your house after the game and challenge them to a game of virtual baseball to see if they have what it takes off the field as well as on the field. You may even pick up a few pointers from the game that will improve your baseball game in real life, or at least give you more of an idea of what you would do if you were ever to coach a baseball team yourself. It may just be some finger clicks and fast reflexes, but its fun and it’s all about the sport of baseball that you love and can’t get enough of.

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