Online Football Games that’ll Score Big

Love the turf under your feet and the feel of pigskin connect with your fingers? Then you are probably a football fan to the core. Or maybe you just love watching football. Every time football season roles around you are glue to the television and looking up tickets online to see what games you can afford to go to. And of course you know of all the extra football stuff you can do like buy the jerseys of your favorite teams, hang up posters of your favorite players, leave comments on sports blogs and of course, you can’t miss out on fantasy football drafts! Football is a ton of fun to play as well as to watch. But there are things that prevent us from getting outside to play: injuries, weather or lack of daylight just to name a few. So what can we do to satisfy our craving for football when it’s not football season and we can’t round our backyard team up for a game? Well that is where online football games come in, and here are just a few of the many that you can try out.

Robots and other Football Games

A game that is sure to get your football juices flowing is the NFL inspired game Quick Hit. This game has great graphics, get features and it’s free. You will be able to coach your own football team and see just how many touch downs you and your team can achieve. You can set up the rosters as you please and call the plays. See how well you would do as a coach in this fun online football game.

Do you love robots as much as you love football? Who doesn’t love robots? Check out the game Blitz Botz. If you know your football you are well familiar with the term blitz, but now, perhaps for the first time, you get to see it performed by a group of wiry robots. You will get a kick out of these fun robotic characters that are dressed in football uniforms and ready to go deep.

Leaping Linemen is another fun football game to try out. Some of the best plays we see in football is when the football players actually jump over other players or even groups of players in order to make the touch down. That is what this fun game is all about. Take your football player, run as fast as you can and then use your key pad to make that leap over the other players while avoiding animals and objects in the air that would get in your way.

For a nice shockwave football game, try out Two Minute Football 3D 2010. This game really looks good making it even more fun to play. The people who have played it give it high reviews, so if you are looking for a fun football game to kick things off then this is probably the perfect one to start with.

Mix It Up

The best part about these online football games is that they are free. You can mosey on down to a video game store and look at some really exciting football games too, but chances are they are going to be pretty pricey. Most of the games you find online will be fun and free and you can mix it up a lot more. If you spend a lot of money on one game from the gaming store then you will probably be playing just that game for the next few weeks, but online games will give you more variety. Find your favorite football games to add to your list of football favorites.

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