Score Big with Turbo Cricket

Finding the games that you love online is becoming easier and easier to do. Years ago you may have searched all day online and only found a couple games that you were actually interested in playing. Now for whatever category of game you are looking in you can find hundreds of games and most of them are fun and interesting in their own way. Many games are either based off of war strategy, shooting aim, puzzles, classic board games, and now even sports. It’s not enough to go outside and play your favorite sport, or to play it with the team you are on at school. If you really love a sport you might even get home, get online and find a computer game that lets you play the sport you love. If you love the game cricket, then one free online game you must check out is Turbo Cricket. You will be glad that you did.

Cricket Fun

Lots of video games cost a ton of money if you go to a video game store to find them, and you also have to buy the whole gaming system to play it on. But online you can find hundreds of games with the them you like and most of them you will find for free. You can find all types of sports games like baseball, tennis, football and even cricket. Turbo Cricket is definitely up there as one of the best cricket games you will find.

The instructions for Turbo Cricket are pretty basic. The goal is to hit the ball with your cricket stick. So what you will want to do is press the Space bar to try to get your hit. You will need to really work on your timing and even your angle as you swing if you want to get a great shot. It may take some practice but if you keep at it for awhile you are sure to catch onto the technique and be cracking shots right and left.

From there the key obviously is to get the right amount of runs. Do whatever it takes to score the right amount of runs so you can win and lead your team to victory. The cricket championship title is up to you to win and walk away with, so play well and play smart. You hit at an angle that will score you either 2, 4 or 6 points, so figuring out the right angle is everything.

You have only a certain amount of throws to get up to the score that you need. If you don’t reach 50 points before all the balls are thrown you won’t be the turbo cricket champion. Don’t let the big stadium or the camera flashes distract you!

Share the Challenge

When you play sports outside you usually play with your friends or on a team. When you are on a team and you work hard together and challenge each other to get better at the game, that often builds friendships as well. Well even when you play your favorite sports games online you can invite your friends to play along with you, or even your siblings. It makes everything a lot more fun when you are getting other people involved in it along with you. And you will never be able to boast that you are the best at Turbo Cricket unless you challenge a few people to find out. You don’t want to go to bed tonight plagued with that question. You might end up having nightmares that your two year old sister is beating you at cricket, and that would be horrible.

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