Creep Up Your Fun Factor with Zombie Games

Creepy, scary, exciting and fun are some of the descriptions you hear when it comes to the many zombie games that can be found online. What is it about zombies that are so popular anyway? For some it is the cool games that they flock to. For others they just look in amazement as killer zombies come to eat their faces off. The truth is that fun is in the eye of the beholder. For some they love to play them and others have not interest. It is like bungee jumping. Some would flock to jump off a tall area to be catapulted by a stretchy rope and call it fun. Others would look at them in horror and think they are crazy. So if you are not into zombies then move along. But if you love the look and feel of a good game with zombies in them then read on.

There are a lot of different types of zombie attacks and defense strategy games out on the market. You will find many that are a type of shooting game and others could be racing games. It is up to you and how you want to fight off the zombies in the game you have chosen. You can blow them up, run them over or shoot their guts out; it is all in your control. Grab a hold of the fun and see what is out there. And watch your back not only for zombies but for free games that are available as well for hours of fun.

Some sites online are specific to just zombies. You may want to start there are go to a site that has horror games. Other sites may have a few good zombie games to download and play. But if you want to see all the games online that involve zombies you can do a search for them by category to get started. Some of the more popular online games include Zombie Rampage, Pandemic and Last Stand 2. Last Stand was one of the most popular games around. So much so that they created a second one for more fun for those who finished all the levels of the first one. The popularity of the game is that you only have a certain amount of time to get rid of them all. During the night you fight them off and in the day you rebuild and create strategy to protect yourself when night comes again. This lasts for forty days and nights to accomplish your quest.

Maybe the fascination of zombies is that in many ways they are easier to kill than a werewolf or a vampire. They are really just creepy dead people who want a hug (okay they want to hug your face off) but you can kill them more easily than other creepy creatures. There is no romance in this twilight as they are out to get you and you will not want to become their friends.

Some games put you in the part of the zombie. Finally you get to be the misunderstood dead person. You may be conflicted but you can see it from the other side for a change. It is just another way to pay this popular game in a new light.

The thrill of zombie games lives on in the online categories that provide them to you. Have fun and find your faves. Be the antagonist or the protector and have fun deciding which side you want to be on. You will be creeped out with the flash animation that makes it real and gruesome sound effects in many of the games. But strap on and have fun while you play for a creepy thrill of a lifetime.

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