Online Strategy Games to Sharpen Your Skill

Strategy online often comes in the form of a good war game, but that doesn’t have to be the type of strategy game you play. If you love strategy but war just isn’t cup of tea, you will be thrilled to discover that there are all different types of strategy games to try out. Your friends or siblings may go for the usual games or the ones that are most popular like the war games, but there are plenty of other games and scenarios that involve planning and strategy to win or survive the game. Some games are mostly chance and luck, but with a good strategy game you can win and know that it was all due to the fact that you could think ahead and anticipate your enemy or your opponents actions. This will give you a great deal of happiness and keep you wanting to test out your strategy skill more. Find free online strategy games and see how far you can get.

Strategize and Win

Strategy is all about the planning, all about thinking things through, all about making smart choices that will win you the game. Online strategy games require you to not only think about your next move, but your next few moves. What are you about to do, and how will that likely affect where the game will go.

If you love robots, as many of us do, a game you will certainly enjoy is Scrap Metal Heros. This is more for those who love war and fighting games. The first step is to choose from all the available options to build yourself one killer robot. Really think about what you are putting on your robot and building him into because this is the robot you will be fighting with. Everything from the paint, wheels and weapons will play a part in how he performs.

What about the every day type problems that take some thought and planning to fix. Problems like how to take care of a certain bug infestation and then keep them away in the future. You will get plenty of practice with that type of strategy in the game Ant Buster. You have spent hours making a delicious picnic to take out on a perfect sunny afternoon, but an army of ants wants to join in the festivities as well. Take out any ant that thinks he’s getting a bite of your food by strategically placing cannons that will hold them at bay.

If you want to strategize from a business perspective try out the game Burger Tycoon. Yes you have to plan and run your own burger business and you have to do it well enough to make a profit. See if you can keep pace with the competition and keep your business going and growing. If you grow big enough you may even have to figure out how to take your business and go international with it.

Do More than Beat Boredom

Some people like games that are really easy and don’t take much thinking at all. They just want something in front of their face to look at and click around on while they let the time go by. Sometimes this is all you need really to keep you from boredom, especially if you are mid-shift in a slow moving job. Sometimes all you need or want are brainless games. But other times you may want games that will really get your mind going and force you to think about what you are doing. If you love to think and strategize, these online strategy games will definitely get your brain engaged.

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