Use Your Head with Free Strategy Games

It doesn’t take much planning to race a car around a sharp corner or punch the gas on that massive straight away. It doesn’t take much thought to point a gun and aim it at the alien sliding towards you on his slimey tentacles. It doesn’t take a mission layout to unscramble letters or take a monster truck and to run over everything in your path. There are plenty of games like these that can keep your fingers and your eyes rather occupied while your brain is only half engaged. But if you want a game that will really challenge your skills and wit what you are looking for is all the good free strategy games. There are more of these great games than you may think and they come in many different themes and levels of expertise. Here are just a few to show you what is out there.

Undermine Evil

What if you lived in a kingdom with an extremely evil king. He was ruling poorly and causing all of the people of his realm to suffer greatly. Well of course, you being the warrior that you are, it would be up to you to stand up to the king to challenge his evil reign and try to make it fall. In the game 12 Guardians you have that opportunity but you won’t just be challenging the king.

The evil king is protected by thirteen guardians. Your mission is to defeat each of these fighters and finally take out the king himself. This is a tournament and a fight to the death. The strategy comes in when you realize you only have a certain amount of moves you can use, so you must choose wisely if you want to survive.

Maybe going after creepy evil kings and all their warriors is a bit much for you. How about something a little light and more silly like Apple Defender? Hey, apples need defending just as much as peasants in a evil-run realm right? There are vicious devouring worms out there and those poor little apples are unable to stop the onslaught! The worms will start coming and they will come from every direction. You better come up with a plan fast on how to stop them before they reach the apples. You better believe your grandma wants every apple intact for her famous apple pie.

In the game Batallion Nemesis you are commanding the well trained rapid attack and response team. Your commander is Sergeant Tucker and he needs your help in the difficult tasks ahead. You will be facing the Mullen and you have ten levels to complete in this harrowing campaign. See if you have what it takes and the brains it takes to strategize and gain the victory. It’s going to take more than just random charging and shooting to beat this game.

More than War

If you love strategy but war just isn’t your thing, you can rest easy knowing that there are all different types of strategy games to try out. Yeah there are the usual ones that people go for or that are most popular like the war games, but there are plenty of other games and scenarios that involve planning and strategy to win or survive the game. Some games are mostly chance and luck, but with a good strategy game you can win and know that it was all due to the fact that you could think ahead and anticipate your enemy or your opponents actions. This will give you a great deal of satisfaction and gloating powers. Find free strategy games online and see how far you can get with your strategy skills.

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