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Conquering Free Strategy Games

Strategy is a good way to stretch your brain and get you thinking. You probably strategize throughout your day more than you even know. If you are a parent you are strategizing the best way to get your kid out of bed while avoiding that grumpy mood he always seems to be in when he wakes up. If you are a boss you are strategizing on how to get your employees to want to work well and how to make the work environment a pleasant one for them. If you are a kid then you are probably strategizing on how to avoid your chores for as long as possible so you can play more online games. That is all strategy really is. Thinking through a plan of action that will get you the results you want. Strategy games are usually more the war type games where you have to plan an attack, or even business games where you have to get a business up and running and have a plan for how it will profit. Find free strategy games online and get those plans in motion.

Defend, Conquer and Lead

If you love Lord of the Rings and those types of mystical adventures then the perfect game for you is Dwarf Wars. This will challenge your strategy skills as well as allow you to experience the world of dwarfs and elves for yourself. While you are warring you must make sure that some dwarfs keep mining for gold. This means that you will have to protect and guard the gold miners while you attack the bad elves. One more thing. Bunnies are bad in this game, so be careful of them as well.

War often has the most strategy involved, and little extra excitement because you aren’t just strategizing you are fighting! Or maybe less fighting than defending your territory from evil enemy armies. With Bubble Tanks Tower Defense it is up to you to figure out how to effectively defend yourself. In this game you will find towers as well as mega towers (which are the size of sixteen towers combined) tanks and seven different types of enemies to face.

In the magical game Warlords 2 Rise of Demons, you can select from several different races. Your goal is to gain victory over each territory in the great land of Beneril. You can wield a sword, used horses and shoot arrows, whatever it takes to conquer as much land as you can. You may even have to break into some well fortified castles, but you will find everything you need for that in the game as well.

In the fun and strategic game Stick Page you have a group of stick people that are there to follow your lead. You will need to make sure you plan out and prepare enough resources for your battles. If you don’t plan properly you wont succeed in your fight. Once you have overcome and enemy you can then use them and the power that they have.

Strategy Mastermind

All these games are sure to get your brain working and your ideas for conquest, defense and provision flowing. The last thing you want is to watch your armies fall under the feet of the enemy. If war isn’t the type of strategy you are looking for look for games like Corporation and Lemonade Stand to dabble in the business world. Or maybe find the classic game of chess to play against someone online. There are so many different types of strategy and there are free strategy games to match whichever one is your favorite. Become the strategy mastermind!

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